New Student Lovelies
This group was suddenly formed by Maro-chan when Jubei-chan met her, and another new student, Saichi, at school. To celebrate the beginning of their club, Maro-chan asks Saichi and Jubei-chan to go to a fabulous dessert shop with her. Although Saichi claims that no group ever really formed, and Jubei-chan can never make it to the dessert shop because of the Ryujoji, Maro-chan continues to believe in the club and, of course, they all become good friends.

The Ruffians
This "gang" consists of Sombanmatsu Bantaro, and his two friends/henchman, Ozaru and Kozaru. They claim to be a tough school yard gang, they are really quite harmless. While Ozaru and Kozaru are well aware of the many shortcomings of their "boss", they faithfully stick by him. They also manage to help Jubei-chan numerous times while Bantaro is oblivious of who she really is.